guanxi engine 2 2 1 release

Thu, Jul 1, 2010

A minor bugfix and feature upgrade release for the Guanxi SAML/Shibboleth Engine. You can download it from sourceforge.

  • 2.2.1
  • Updated org.guanxi.sp.engine.service.shibboleth.ShibbolethProfileService. Fixed bug where it was sending the time param as Zulu time instead of Unix time
  • Updated org.guanxi.sp.engine.service.generic.GenericProfileService. Added support for loading a default entityID for a Guard from the config
  • Updated resources/ Fixed bugs in config for GenericProfileService, SAML2ProfileService, ShibbolethProfileService, which caused double logging to Tomcat log
  • Updated WEB-INF/guanxi_sp_engine/config/spring/services/generic/generic-profile-service.xml. Added entityIDs to genericProfileService

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