sourceforge dropping cvs and how it affects guanxi

Tue, Feb 1, 2011

A while ago, I migrated Guanxi to GitHub but for various reasons I haven’t been able to make a release, so I’ve hedged my bets and kept the CVS repo going on Sourceforge at the same time, planning to make a decision when the time came to make a release. Well, the next release of the SP and IdP is imminent and it looks like my decision has been made much easier by Sourceforge themselves. After the recent hack, they’ve shut down CVS access and reset all passwords but worryingly, they’re also phasing out CVS:

“We are also considering the end-of-life of the CVS service and hope to have user support in migrating CVS users to Subversion in coming months”

I’ve looked at Subversion for Guanxi before but it doesn’t support modules, which allow me to host all the Guanxi modules in one CVS repository (SP::Engine, SP::Guard, IdP etc). That’s why I decided to set up a Guanxi organisation on GitHub. I’ve also migrated the localhost tutorial to my own site, which I’ll make live fairly soon, once I’ve migrated the rest of the wiki content.

So it looks like I’ll be moving Guanxi to GitHub permanently and prolly just use Sourceforge for official release downloads.

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