os x lion the jokemobile rumbles on

Tue, Apr 3, 2012

This time it’s XCode. Refuses to install from the app store. None of that fancy leaping from the store into your dock with a progress bar to inform you it’s downloading. Nothing. It just sits there saying “Installing” then installs nothing. Thinking it had opened a wormhole in space and time to download its multi-gig bulk in super quick time I tried XCode in my dock. It blew up complaining it wanted 10.6 back. Sigh. Uninstall the now dud XCode:

delete XCode from the dock, login to the Apple Developer site and download the DMG from there. But wait. Where are the commandline tools? Sigh. They’re making it as difficult as possible to develop on this platform now. You need to go into XCode -> Preferences -> Downloads and install them from there. Or you can download them separately from the SDK site.

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