what did i read this morning

Wed, May 16, 2012

While it’s quiet around 8am I like to catch up on my blogs to see what’s been happening out there but I also thought I’d give blogging about what I’ve read a go. See if any patterns emerge. Chief among them will be whether the pattern of writing about what I read will persist!

So real coffee cup full, Reeder open, what attracted my attention enough to open in the browser?

This year seems to be the year of Big Data, as reported by OSS Watch in The dominance of open source tools in big data, so much so that you can even attend the Big Data University to learn just how big Data is going to be this year and even try and tackle some Big Data yourself using Apache Hadoop. All in all, moderately interesting.

Next up, Ben Orenstein has taken the Wikipedia article on coupling and applied it to Ruby with some good examples. I’ve always felt the best way to learn a topic is to munge it into something practical and this fits the bill perfectly.

There were lots of other nature, philosophy, mountaineering and programming ones too but the above ended up open in the browser. Plus I still have a couple open I’m working my way through from the day before. The thought patterns of success and the guide to the rails asset pipeline. Not mention a slew of Kaltura tabs open and one on unit testing C# applications in Visual Studio.

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