This is a list of my current projects and the ones I’ve been involved with over the years. It also lists my contributions to open source projects.

codeBrane@github My projects on Github. If I’m not developing or mountain guiding, I’m playing around with new stuff.

Elgg My Elgg plugins.

Walk In Access Providing a technical perspective on the issues of Walk In Access to e-resources

LEARN Lead developer on eLearning repository and toolkit project. Fedora, Java, Ruby, Rails3

GADfly Ongoing project to interface SITS Student Record System to Active Directory and Novell Groupwise. C++/C#/COM.

FAM Federated Access Management. Managing the technical side of migrating electronic resources from Athens to the UK Access Management Federation.

CTREP Project led by CARET@Cambridge to link Sakai to DSpace and Fedora. Responsible for the Fedora implementation using the SOAP web services interface.

Guanxi Lead developer on JISC funded core middleware program project to develop an open source, alternative implementation of the Shibboleth SAML Profile. The Guanxi system is fully compatible with the Internet2 reference implementation of the profile. The Guanxi system also brings the concept of a distributed Service Provider based on web services to the eLearning community. The Guanxi system is composed of an Identity Provider, distributed Service Provider and WAYF, all implemented in Java. Led by UHI Millennium Institute in collaboration with the Universities of Oxford and Leeds.

ASK (Accessing and Sharing Knowledge) Funded by JISC under the Digital Repositories Programme. Developer on project to create an open source content management system, implemented in Java, Shibboleth enabled and with web service support. Responsible for Shibboleth compatible authentication and authorisation services as well as federated web services. Led by University of Oxford in collaboration with UHI Millennium Institute and the University of Manchester.

Sakai Recent committer to the open source, Java based Sakai VLE as part of the Tetra initiative with the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Hull, to move from a monolithic VLE (Bodington) to a service oriented eFramework approach to eLearning. Have implemented Shibboleth Service Provider and Identity Provider functionality within Sakai 2.x using the Guanxi GSK.

CABLE (Case Based e-learning for Educators) European Socrates Minerva project to develop semantic search capabilities within the Bodington Virtual Learning Environment to query case based studies in social work. Development of a social work ontology with scope for translation into partner languages and concepts. Lead institution Politecnico di Torino, Italy with partner institutions and organisations throughout Europe.

PRAISE (Peer Review Network Applying Intelligence to Social Work Education) Project designed to evaluate the effectiveness of the CABLE project methodologies. Mainly responsible for mentoring non technical social workers in understanding ontologies and classifcation of terms in social work. Led by Commune di Torino, Italy.

Siva Designed and developed an identity management system to link the SITS student record system to Novell eDirectory, Groupwise and various eLearning applications. Java and C++/COM.

Bodington VLE Committer to the open source Bodington virtual learning environment. Designed internationalisation engine and template localisation. Implemented LDAP authentication. Designed and Implemented Shibboleth Identity Provider extensions. Designed and implemented provisioning engine to link Bodington to the SITS student record system. Integrated mvnForum via Shibboleth.

SOCKET (Service-Oriented Consumer Kit for ELF Tools) Providing Shibboleth consultancy to eLearning Framework project led by University of Leeds.

Axis2 Contributed XMLBeans xsdconfig support.

Commons configuration Contributed code to XMLPropertiesConfiguration

mvnForum Implemented Shibboleth functionality as part of the Bodington project. mvnForum was used as the discussion board system, interfaced to Bodington via Shibboleth.

InstallShield Contributed code to add UK English to an installation project.

PCLXL Printer Driver Development Lead developer responsible for PCLXL Printer Driver development for Windows 3.1x,98,ME,NT4,2000. Multilingual support for 23 languages.

Installer Development Lead developer for creating custom C++ and InstallShield printer driver and application installers for Windows 3.1x,98,ME,NT4,2000

Software Simulation of the Fermi Level in Semiconductors My honours thesis, written in Fortran 77. Used as a teaching aid for physics undergraduates.