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Wed, Dec 17, 2008

I’ve finished the first version of FlikBak, the Flickr backup utility. Only took about a day to write, once I’d got round some Ruby oddities and learned the Flickr API. In this version, it’s OS X only as the Launchy ruby module doesn’t work on unix so I just wired it for OS X to start with. I’ll add more OS support once I find out how to launch things on different OSes and how to detect them in ruby. The code is in launcher.rb, so is easily updated.

I also went across to github and signed up for a free open source account, where I created the flikbak repository:


Really easy to setup too. Once I’d finished the first version, I did:

git config –global user.email alistair@codebrane.com

cd /Users/alistair/.ssh ssh-keygen creating codebrane-github-id_rsa and codebrane-github-id_rsa.pub upload codebrane-github-id_rsa.pub to the github account ssh-add codebrane-github-id_rsa this is important for the push to remote

cd /Users/alistair/dev/flikbak/flikbak git init git commit -m ‘first commit’ git remote add origin git@github.com:codebrane/flikbak.git git push origin master

subsequent changes to the code are committed locally and pushed to the github repo:
git commit  flikbak.rb
git push origin master
So that’s a nice bit of CPD. Ruby, Git and Flickr API. Next up is wxWidgets via wxRuby to add a UI to it. Already got a simple window and About box displaying.

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