on the federated radar

Mon, Apr 13, 2009

There are some interesting stats on the UK Access Management Federation entity types in Ian Young’s presentation. I was surprised to see that OpenAthens has the lion’s share of IdPs and it’s good to see the federation growing all the time. The Guanxi SP constitutes 2% of the Service Providers in the federation too. There are also a couple of interesting teasers. They’re just blips on the FAM radar at the moment but I’ve heard them mentioned more often lately. SAML2 and Cardspace.

I’ve already been asked about SAML2 support in Guanxi and with ${WORK} beginning the long migration to Active Directory, Cardspace is looking a viable alternative to WAYFs, although I must say, the SPs in the federation mostly all support WAYFless URLs. There’s a good introduction to the Cardspace tech stuff on Pamela Dingle’s blog.

So it’s time to ramp up the .NET skills to see if there’s anything to be done in the emerging infocard arena.

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