moving from athens to the federation

Thu, Apr 23, 2009

FAM#2 project is nearing completion, so I thought I’d bung up a couple of piccies to illustrate the state of play. The difference between Athens and the fed is that OpenAthens hides the resources behind one “super-SP”, with one providerId, so it’s impossible to track resource usage from the IdP. In effect, OpenAthens is a mini federation, with the SP as the gateway to the UK Federation’s IdPs.

Migrating from OpenAthens to the UK Federation

When we migrate to the federation, each resource becomes an SP in its own right, with its own providerId and metadata. We’re also free to negotiate partitioned access based on attributes, usually eduPersonEntitlement (ePE), although this is possible with OpenAthens using permission sets and the userRole attribute

What about those resources that aren’t shibbed? ezproxy can be used for them:

Accessing resources via ezproxy

At the last count, there were only 3 resources left in Athens and these can be migrated in the next few months.

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