language overload

Wed, Sep 2, 2009

I’ve now got a useable message routing service set up but I’m also getting language overload I think. Not to mention trying to remember debugger commands for each IDE and when to add “;” to the end of code lines and when not! All good fun:

  • Matrix. Central ESB with routing, Apache Camel with embedded Apache ActiveMQ. Custom handlers for archiving messages are in Java
  • Identity Beans. Java classes for working with the identity information.
  • GADfly. Active Directory provisioning engine in C#
  • GADflyUI. The front end to GADfly. Windows Forms in C#
  • Feeder-test. Simple client to drive the provisioning testing. Ruby
I’ve branched off the C++ version of GADfly as it’s just too much to cope with, all that unicode handling that you have to do yourself and rats nests of pointers to pointers, not to mention keeping track of VARIANTs and remembering to free up allocated memory. It works fine but I won’t be developing it further any time soon, unless I hit a major problem with the C# version.

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