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Wed, Oct 21, 2009

Middleware Developer Wins User Interface Prize
How’s that for a headline? Yes indeed, I won third prize in the JISC MOSAIC developer competition, for my course book finder/reading list application:

iLib, The Course Book Finder

OK, it’s not first prize but I’m chuffed to bits nonetheless, as I rarely do user interfaces and I didn’t have much free time to cobble the app together. Predictably, I worked on the backend a lot, producing a JSON engine for the MOSAIC data to make it easier to work with. Plus I had to learn Ruby + Sinatra along the way. Well, that’s only half the story. I started doing it in Google Web Toolkit but it became so bloated and difficult to manage the browser history, that I binned it half way through and switched to Ruby+Sinatra. So I’m well chuffed I actually won something!

I thought about adding DOJO to make it look nicer and RSS for broadcasting the reading lists but in the end I thought, enough is enough, stop the gold plating and get it in.

Looking at the other two apps that won first and second places, I can see why they did. Well done to the others and my adventures in UI land have only just begun!

Mention on the JISC MASHe blog

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