guanxi idp 2 1 0 released

Tue, Nov 17, 2009

I’ve just released the Guanxi IdP 2.1.0. Main update is a new JDBC Attributor to let you pull attributes from a database. You can download the IdP from the Sourceforge site.

Common * v2.0.4 * Updated org.guanxi.common.definitions.Guanxi, added REQUEST_PARAMETER_SAML_ATTRIBUTES

IdP * v2.1.0 * Updated WEB-INF/guanxi_idp/config/spring/farm/var-engine.xml with varFile path to vars.xml * Updated org.guanxi.idp.service.shibboleth.AttributeAuthority to fix NullPointerException on Tomcat 6 in the check for signing an attribute response * Updated org.guanxi.idp.service.AuthHandler::preHandle() to add improved logging * Added * Updated WEB-INF/guanxi_idp/config/spring/farm/attributors, added dbAttributor * Added org.guanxi.idp.attribute.DBAttributeTest * Updated org.guanxi.idp.attribute.AttributeTest, added DBAttributeTest support * Updated org.guanxi.idp.IdPTest, added DBAttributeTest support * Updated test/resources/contextroot.WEB-INF.guanxi_idp.config/spring/farm/attributors.xml, added dbAttributor for embedded Derby database * Updated WEB-INF/classes/, added JDBCAttributor

You can get the source direct from the repo:

cvs co -P -r idp_2_1_0 -d guanxi-idp-2.1.0 guanxi2

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