ruby configuration over coding

Tue, Apr 20, 2010

So I’ve recently upgraded to Snow Leopard, which blew away my Mysql installation as it destroys anything in /usr/local, which is where the installer puts it. I normally compile most apps and bung them in ~/apps, which means they are left alone by OS X upgraders but for simplicity’s sake I let the Mysql installer put it in /usr/local/mysql. So I upgraded to x86_64 Mysql which broke the installed gem. So I recompiled it and it complained ruby was the wrong architecture. So I recompiled ruby, rubygems and reinstalled some other gems and finally got mysql working again by uninstalling a bum mysql gem after I’d installed from source. At last I could run Gitorious on my local machine but alas no! Mongrel doesn’t work with ruby 1.9.1 it seems. Sigh.

I’m wondering just what Ruby can do for me. OK, I won a prize using it, not having used it much before, so that was a good sign but ever since, the more complex the application, the more I spend configuring, googling and compiling and the less I spend coding. For every line of Ruby code I write, there seem to be 10 lines of shell commands to enter, 10 web sites to google and 10 hours of working round ruby version incompatibilities.  I had a stable Ruby setup until I went to Snow Leopard. Now I’m back to square one of seething mess.

Standing back from all this, one thing springs to mind. DLL Hell. I left those days behind years ago. Seems like they’re back.

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