running selenium tests on a headless bamboo

Mon, Apr 2, 2012

With Selenium requiring a browser to run the tests, if you don’t have one installed you’ll get the error:

sessionId should not be null; has this session been started yet?
You’ll also get this error if you have a valid browser configured in the test code but not installed on the system. However the problem with running Selenium tests on a headless Bamboo server is, there’s no display. So here’s how to sort that on Suse Linux.

Install Xvfb from yast2 and the xorg-x11-server package

Startup Xvfb in the background:

Xvfb :99 -ac &
and set the display to use the one you chose. I normally do this in / etc/profile.
export DISPLAY=:99
Then exit and go back into the shell or do:
source / etc/profile
start and stop Bamboo and the Selenium tests will run.

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