adventures with pixelmator

Mon, Jul 16, 2012

I used to be quite passable with PaintShop Pro yonks ago and the graphics I do for the blog I do in Keynote, apart from the logo which I did in Pixelmator. So I thought I’d start to get to grips with graphics for my iOS projects and decided to try out the glowing power button tutorial. I must say I was pleasantly pleased with the result. The first attempt was a mess, the second was pleasing and the third was both pleasing and enlightening. By then I was understanding how to make correct selections from other layers to constrain fills and also what parts the different elements play in the overall image. For example, the outer circles with no fill but inside stroke, once gaussian blurred smear out and ‘rise up’ the sides of the button housing. Masking out and then revealing with a colour to transparent gradient made sense to isolate the top and bottom parts of the button’s outer bevel. All in all a really nice experience and I’m fair chuffed with the result!


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