amazon mp3 downloader first impressions

Sun, Nov 25, 2012

It's just so easy to use iTunes. The scenario is usually the same each time. Lying on the couch in a semi stupour watching some vacuous load of nonsense and an advert comes on with a catchy tune. You lift one arm weakly, grab the phone, Shazam it and get a link to iTunes. You think 'that's quite good, I'll take a punt on the album', buy it, download it and sink back into your lethergic coma on the couch.

Amazon mp3 downloader

But there is an alternative which I've tried for the first time. Buying digital music from Amazon. Instead of the Apple vendor locked AAC (apparently now DRM free) files from iTunes, you can get DRM free mp3 files of superior quality and inferior price from the Amazon mp3 store and it's rather easy to do so.

I have a penchant for cheesy music and at this time of year you don't get much cheesier than Christmas compilations. So idly browsing iTunes for some I came across 'Now That's What I Call Christmas', jam packed full of cheesy tunes to bring a big grin to my daft face over the festive season. 9.99 it cost but I'd been thinking about Amazon mp3 for a while so I headed across to their store to see if they had it. They did and it was 6.49, DRM free and high quality mp3 rather than low quality AAC. I did a bit of research to see how to download as cloud playing isn't an option really. 500Mb mobile bandwith limit, that's less than two albums and why stream when you're at home? So downloading had to be easy and quick. I hit the 'buy with one click' button and that was it. Done. A link appeared telling me to download the mp3 downloader app for Mac. It was installed in less than 5mins and picked up the downloaded temp file from Amazon which instructs it to go get my new music. It then downloads to ~/Music/Amazon MP3 and imports the tracks into iTunes ready for syncing to the phone. I'm impressed and sold on Amazon mp3 from now on. Even if just to break lethargic couch syndrome. You see, it's not possible to do this from the phone. You have to use the desktop browser/downloader.

And the even better thing? I'd recently bought the latest Muse album on vinyl from Amazon and they'd given me 1.00 off my next music purchase which they applied automatically to this one. So instead of costing 9.99 on iTunes for low quality Apple specific tracks, it cost 5.49 for DRM free vendor free universally playable mp3 files from Amazon.

But now for the best bit. Listening to all those lovely cheesy tracks!

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