deploying an octopress site via ftp

Fri, Jun 7, 2013

So I’ve managed to convert my blog to Octopress, go through the horrible process of installing lftp on OS X and now it’s time to deploy to my site. Unfortunately my hosting provider doesn’t allow rsync access but you can deploy via FTP with a few very small tweaks.

First I made sure /Users/alistair/apps/lftp-4.4.8/bin was in my PATH.

Then I needed to install the site in a subdirectory, blogocto, as I’m still testing this out before migrating for real. So in the Octopress site directory I needed to do this:

rake set_root_dir[blogocto]

then in _config.yml change the url:


and in Rakefile change the doc root:

document_root  = “~/”

then add this to the end of Rakefile:

then just deploy:

rake deploy

The SSL error ‘not trusted’ reference says to add the setting in ~/.lftp/rc but you can also add it on the command line which I’ve done above.


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