installing lftp on os x

Fri, Jun 7, 2013

They say Octopress is for geeks and having converted my blog to it I needed a way to deploy as my hosting company won’t allow rsync access. Fortunately you can deploy over FTP using lftp but that’s for another post. I thought I’d done most of the geek work in converting the blog but, my oh my, was I wrong!

lftp requires two things, pkg_config and readline. pkg_config requires gettext. And most of these actually don’t work straight away on OS X. I don’t like things like homebrew and much prefer compiling from source so here goes. I’ve omitted the numerous error messages that drove me round the internet looking for solutions and instead present a copy/paste guide to installing lftp.

First you need to get gettext and compile it. This was actually nice and easy:

./configure –prefix=/Users/alistair/apps/gettext-0.18.2

then you need pkg_config and this is where the trouble starts. But you don’t have to worry about that. Just configure and build it:

Next up is readline and this is very nasty indeed. The configure works ok once I’ve applied all the gubbins I found for solving the many and varied problems with it:

but you then have to get really down and dirty with this thing. Note how you have to update the Makefile after you run configure:


Now it’s finally time to install lftp:

and that’s it.


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