the shibboleth sonnet

Thu, Oct 2, 2014

It’s National Poetry Day today! So I thought I’d publish a poem I knocked up a while ago. It tells the tale of a Shibboleth IdP when contacted by a fake SP, using the credentials of a long vanished real one.

#The Shibboleth Sonnet

I shall compare thee to a crypto key,
that lives in darkest corner of a disk,
unused it seems for aeons until thee
have probed my single sign on with your kiss.

To DSA or RSA, the question must be posed
and answered by your entity ID,
from encrypted reams of XML composed
of ghosts and wraiths, wherein I search for thee.

Alas my friend, I thought I knew you well,
but your G, your P, your curves they do not match.
Your modulus, your Q, your Y, they are a hell
of faked and false identity that scratch

in vain. My single sign on is secure.
Begone false fiend, this is no sinecure.

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