migrating from octopress to hugo

Thu, Sep 10, 2015

Well the old pile has a new look both up front and behind the scenes. I was idly thinking of upgrading my octopress install and saw that it was moving to octopress3 and v2 was basically on the way out. v3 had very little documentation and practically no themes. Time to go.

Once I’d made the decision to get out of octopress it was a great relief to find hugo. I could still compose in markdown and it didn’t have the ruby hell of rake and gem versions. Upgrading hugo is a matter of downloading the latest version. Simples.

Now I’d done far too much scripting to move from wordpress to octopress but thankfully moving from octopress to hugo is pretty simple in comparison. I needed a massive .htaccess to map old wordpress urls to octopress urls but I could recreate the octopress urls in hugo by using the title header attribute from each post as the hugo filename. Amazingly simple. The only .htaccess addition I needed was for the feed:

To do all this I learned Go and created octohug. It’s not the most efficient I would think as it’s my first Go program but I love the retro feel of the syntax. Takes me back to my C days. Ah joy!

So thanks octopress, it’s been great. Welcome hugo!

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