This is a list of my most recent projects and the larger ones I’ve been involved with over the years. It also lists my contributions to open source.


codeBrane on GitHub

My personal projects on GitHub.


Backend REST API to connect to Tandberg TPC for video conference schedules and to service Android app.
Android app to display video conference details and gather feedback from attendees. Real time display of feedback in front end.



Intuitive Beacon EXperience

Android app to configure and detect Eddystone-UID formatted bluetooth low energy beacons for use in exhibitions or trails. Front end allows users to associate Flickr photos with beacons to create narrative experience around an exhibition space or outside on trails.


My Lectures

Communicating video conference schedules to students

Tile implementation for the Collabco Portal to integrate backend API and Tandberg video conference system to allow students to find their collaboration meeting rooms for lectures delivered via video conference.



Distributed provisioning system

Message oriented middleware and Enterprise Service Bus to integrate student records system with Novell Groupwise, Novell eDirectory, Microsoft Active Directory, III Sierra library system, Blackboard virtual learning environment.

java,C#,C++,COM,XML,apache activemq,apache camel,JMS,.NET,MSSQL,JDBC


Mapping system to tag places with information and images to create a route and follow on Android app.

Front end allows users to create routes on an OpenStreetMap, add information and images to waypoints and publish. Android app allows users to search, download and follow routes, displaying information and images at GPS locations.


EDU Toolkit

Learning resources repository

Web application to allow academic staff to upload, search for and share learning resources, with integration with the Intralibrary product.

ruby on rails,fedora repository,intralibrary,xml,rdf,json,javascript,css


Text to speech application

Web application to allow academic staff to upload word documents and convert themt to mp3 format using the CereProc speech engine C SDK.



Open source Shibboleth/SAML system

Lead developer on JISC funded core middleware program project to develop an open source, alternative implementation of the Shibboleth SAML Profile. The Guanxi system is fully compatible with the Internet2 reference implementation of the profile. The Guanxi system also brings the concept of a distributed Service Provider based on web services to the eLearning community. The Guanxi system is composed of an Identity Provider, distributed Service Provider and WAYF, all implemented in Java. Led by UHI Millennium Institute in collaboration with the Universities of Oxford and Leeds. Source code


Open Source

Open source contributions